• 4th Meeting - Bialystok

    Mid term report for National Agency has to be finished till the end on Nov 2018, so all the materials has to uploaded on Google Drive of AlterDrive project till end of October 2018 – according to the bilateral agreement with Project Leader.

    Financial report was described for all the meeting participants, new easier rulles applied for its content. All has to be uploaded and filled in .xls file format.

    Leader showed the financial report template and described all project categiories included inside the report; There were described also the attachements to the report in .pdf (scans).

    Timesheets for reporting number of days in Intellectual Outputs has to be made quarterly – to be the same period as financial quarter report.

    Discussion about Intelectual Output personel – the general rulles aplied that the people engaged to the IO realisation has to be connected with the organisation.

    Management reports – descripion of filling and providing to the Leader; full spending for lump sum amounts or moving them to the following months.

    Meeting financial issues – full amount of lump sum has to be provided, any costs has to be proven, but really has to be costs for whole amount (basing on financial documents).

    Request for our partner AIJU – connected with regional Erasmus+ and National Agency conference on 8th Nov the question is for materials and equipment which we can alredy use to disseminate our project durring this event.

    Intellectual Output 4 relevant description and launch of project works; practical exercise has to be provided

    Intellectual Output 2 from ARP and CKZ has 3 units; Result report is done; theory also is ready just need the translation.

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