• 2nd Meeting - Prague

    Akademie řemesel Praha is a partner of the AlterDrive project in the Erasmus+ program. The Second Technical Meeting was held with all five partners in Prague on April 17. – 18., 2018. The project deals with a hot worldwide issue – the automotive industry is one of the heaviest environmental polluters – with vocational training concern. People all over the world have already begun to search for alternative power sources twenty years ago in order to reduce consumption of fossil fuel and to find alternative fuels that should be produced from renewable sources. Some solutions seem to be meaningful and have potential for the future – they protect environment from emissions.

    The alternative drive development progresses very fast at present and some drives come in very quickly into practice. Issues such as engine power, durability, range and cost of alternative-drive cars are solved rapidly. It also is necessary to solve an education content of future graduates in autonmotive fields in this circumstances. So that they are well prepared for the current rapidly evolving labor market with these new technologies.

    The project partners discussed not only principles of the project implementation which are based on the National Agency’s requirements, the mutual cooperation within the project and its outcomes, but they also solved the administrative matters and creation of the project’s website pages.

    The crucial decision will be which alternative drives will be included in the education platform and how it will look like with using new technologies in 21st century education. At present the electromobility is a hot topic and pilot projects are under way for implementing electric vehicles in practice in many countries. Many electric vehicles and public transport buses have already operate primarily in the world metropolises. The project focuses on the electric automobile subject. Regarding the educationl platform solution the partners have decided to use a virtual reality, the technology that enables users to be integrated into the simulated environment, to create an illusion of a real car using 3D technology.

    The all meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere and it had a very beneficial effect on the continuation of the project in accordance with the in advance planned schedule.

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