Topic outline

  • 1st Meeting - Wysokie Mazowieckie

    On December 14, 2017, an inaugural meeting was held at the Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego in Wysokie Mazowieckie, which began a two-year international educational project. This project is financed by the European Erasmus + Program, KA2 action - Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices. Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego , as a leader, conducts works that will create strategic partnerships that have an impact on increasing the quality and usefulness of the education and training offer in the profession of automotive technician.

    The purpose of the first meeting of people implementing the project was:

    • Establishing cooperation between project partners.
    • Assigning responsibilities and sharing roles in the project
    • Discussion of important aspects of the project: financial management, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and dissemination of results.

    During the visit, each partner delegation made a presentation of its institu-tion. The assumptions of all project results were presented and tasks and dead-lines for their implementation were set. Goals for the next stages of the program were specified, paying special attention to the first output. It is about developing by all partners, under the leadership of the leader, a report containing verifica-tion of the model of teaching about propulsion systems at the level of vocational education. Details of the activities planned for the current school year as well as ways of evaluating and disseminating the project were also discussed.

    Delegations also participated in the presentation of the school, thus being able to learn about our workshop and working methods as well as the learning atmosphere at the Polish school. Attention was also paid to the selection of the project logo from previously announced competitions. Such visits are not only workshops and teacher meetings, but also establishing new contacts and mutual integration.

  • Pierwsze spotkanie robocze

    W dniu 14.12.2017 r. w Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego odbyło się spotkanie inauguracyjne, które rozpoczęło dwuletni, międzynarodowy projekt edukacyjny AlterDrive. Projekt ten jest finansowany z funduszy Europejskiego Programu Erasmus+, akcja KA2 – Współpraca na rzecz innowacji i wymiany dobrych praktyk. Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego , jako szkoła koordynująca prowadzi prace, które pozwolą stworzyć partnerstwa strategiczne mające wpływ na podniesienie jakości i przydatności oferty kształcenia w zawodzie technik pojazdów samochodowych.

    Celem pierwszego spotkania osób realizujących projekt było:

    • zawiązanie współpracy pomiędzy partnerami projektu;
    • dokonanie przydziału obowiązków oraz podziału ról w projekcie;
    • omówienie ważnych aspektów projektu: zarządzanie finansami, wdrażanie projektu, monitoring i ewaluacja oraz rozpowszechnianie rezultatów.

    W trakcie wizyty każda z delegacji partnerskich dokonała prezentacji swojej instytucji. Przedstawiono założenia wszystkich rezultatów projektu oraz wytyczone zostały zadania i określone terminy ich wykonania. Sprecyzowano cele na kolejne etapy programu, szczególną uwagę poświęcając pierwszemu rezultatowi. Chodzi o opracowanie przez wszystkich partnerów pod kierownictwem lidera raportu zawierającego weryfikację modelu nauczania o układach napędowych na poziomie kształcenia zawodowego. Omówione zostały również szczegóły działań zaplanowanych na bieżący rok szkolny. Dyskutowano o sposobach ewaluacji i upowszechniania projektu.

    Delegacje uczestniczyły również w prezentacji szkoły mogąc w ten sposób poznać nasz warsztat i metody pracy oraz atmosferę nauczania w polskiej szkole. Poświęcono również uwagę na wybór logo projektu z wcześniej ogłoszonych konkursów. Takie wizyty to nie tylko warsztaty i spotkania nauczycieli, to także nawiązywanie nowych kontaktów i wzajemna integracja.

  • 2nd Meeting - Prague

    Akademie řemesel Praha is a partner of the AlterDrive project in the Erasmus+ program. The Second Technical Meeting was held with all five partners in Prague on April 17. – 18., 2018. The project deals with a hot worldwide issue – the automotive industry is one of the heaviest environmental polluters – with vocational training concern. People all over the world have already begun to search for alternative power sources twenty years ago in order to reduce consumption of fossil fuel and to find alternative fuels that should be produced from renewable sources. Some solutions seem to be meaningful and have potential for the future – they protect environment from emissions.

    The alternative drive development progresses very fast at present and some drives come in very quickly into practice. Issues such as engine power, durability, range and cost of alternative-drive cars are solved rapidly. It also is necessary to solve an education content of future graduates in autonmotive fields in this circumstances. So that they are well prepared for the current rapidly evolving labor market with these new technologies.

    The project partners discussed not only principles of the project implementation which are based on the National Agency’s requirements, the mutual cooperation within the project and its outcomes, but they also solved the administrative matters and creation of the project’s website pages.

    The crucial decision will be which alternative drives will be included in the education platform and how it will look like with using new technologies in 21st century education. At present the electromobility is a hot topic and pilot projects are under way for implementing electric vehicles in practice in many countries. Many electric vehicles and public transport buses have already operate primarily in the world metropolises. The project focuses on the electric automobile subject. Regarding the educationl platform solution the partners have decided to use a virtual reality, the technology that enables users to be integrated into the simulated environment, to create an illusion of a real car using 3D technology.

    The all meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere and it had a very beneficial effect on the continuation of the project in accordance with the in advance planned schedule.

  • 4th Meeting - Bialystok

    Mid term report for National Agency has to be finished till the end on Nov 2018, so all the materials has to uploaded on Google Drive of AlterDrive project till end of October 2018 – according to the bilateral agreement with Project Leader.

    Financial report was described for all the meeting participants, new easier rulles applied for its content. All has to be uploaded and filled in .xls file format.

    Leader showed the financial report template and described all project categiories included inside the report; There were described also the attachements to the report in .pdf (scans).

    Timesheets for reporting number of days in Intellectual Outputs has to be made quarterly – to be the same period as financial quarter report.

    Discussion about Intelectual Output personel – the general rulles aplied that the people engaged to the IO realisation has to be connected with the organisation.

    Management reports – descripion of filling and providing to the Leader; full spending for lump sum amounts or moving them to the following months.

    Meeting financial issues – full amount of lump sum has to be provided, any costs has to be proven, but really has to be costs for whole amount (basing on financial documents).

    Request for our partner AIJU – connected with regional Erasmus+ and National Agency conference on 8th Nov the question is for materials and equipment which we can alredy use to disseminate our project durring this event.

    Intellectual Output 4 relevant description and launch of project works; practical exercise has to be provided

    Intellectual Output 2 from ARP and CKZ has 3 units; Result report is done; theory also is ready just need the translation.

  • 5th Meeting - Prague

    The fifth project meeting took place in Prague and was organized by ERA. The partners met on the 27th of March 2019. Representatives of all partners were present to discuss further work on IOs and the following steps toward the success of the project. More specifically, further development of the VR and education platform was discussed including upcoming evaluation from students and entrepreneurs.

    Specifics of exchange courses between ARP and CKZ were agreed.

  • 6th Meeting - Wysokie Mazowieckie

    On October 18, 2019, at the Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego in Wysokie Mazowieckie, the last meeting of the AlterDrive project partners took place, summarizing the two-year cooperation.

    During the meeting, the implementation of the fifth result was discussed. He was associated with materials for conducting courses in the automotive industry, concerning alternative sources of car propulsion and conducting a pilot cycle of courses with students and entrepreneurs. Participants agreed on how the "AlterDrive" platform should look like, designed to learn about alternative propulsion systems in the profession of automotive technician as part of the last 6 results. Then a work plan was established for each project participant. The project leader, in relation to administrative matters, presented documents related to dissemination, conferences, training, payments that must be prepared by the end of the project. At the end of the meeting, the Partners discussed issues related to the preparation of the final report.

    The Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego in Wysokie Mazowieckie as a leader would like to thank all people participating in the project for professional and productive cooperation resulting in the best possible implementation of the intended results.