• AIJU - Technological Institute for Children’s Products and Leisure

    AIJU is the Technological Institute specialised in toys, children’s products and leisure, located in the Toy Valley, Ibi (Alicante) in Spain (Europe).

    The objective of AIJU is to optimise the creation and development process of children’s products, starting with the idea and continuing until the product is placed on the market. With more than 30 years’ experience, AIJU has advised hundreds of companies (small, large and multinational) on thousands of products, to guarantee their success.

    AIJU offers a wide range of technological services aimed at improving the quality of your products and the competitiveness of your business, and adapting these products to the regulatory, technological and market requirements in force at any time in the areas of children’s and product safety, technological advisory services, testing, product design and development, prototyping, improvement in industrial processes, adaptation of products to meet market demands, knowledge of the child consumer, psychological and educational advice and training, among others.

    AIJU is a Technology Centre that boosts innovation and knowledge in children’s products and leisure for companies and entities, as well as technology transfer to industry, all of this on a national and international scale.

    To provide a value proposition and a differentiated offer for each market segment with a global positioning that responds to real needs of innovation and knowledge.

    In addition to being results-oriented and with a special commitment to the companies of its area.

    We also offer cooperation with other organisations and we set out to be a benchmark technology centre that maintains sustained and sustainable growth.

    AIJU provides its customers:

    • Team.
    • Leadership.
    • Trust.
    • Orientation.
    • Innovation.
    • Efficiency.
    • Commitment.
    • Professionalism.
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