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    Perfect Project is specialized in the field of education and vocational training projects, at a national and international level. Its main goal is to develop, promote and disseminate in every possible way the vocational education and trainings among all the possibly interested parties, beneficiaries and stakeholders. We are focused on promoting good competences as a range of knowledge, skills and experiences which we can develop together. Employers more and more often do not demand qualifications, but look for workers with specific competences. Perfect Project fill a need for the development of vocational competences in the whole region.

    Perfect Project is a Limited Liability Company with three main pillars of the activities in education area:

    1. The adult education through organizing regularly and on demand trainings and courses involving only experienced coaches (including retraining and reskilling).
    2. Education by supporting vocational training centres and schools in the region that have an expertise in finding opportunities and implementation of activities in support of education.
    3. Creation of social attitudes through information, transfer of knowledge/skills and preparation of entities and individuals to greater absorption of external funds for their development and for the establishment of a better position for them in the labour market.

    Our objective is to develop:

    • Projects, organizations, institutions and entities that are promoting and developing education, skills and qualifications, as well as supporting the development of schools, educational institutions and universities.
    • Activities for European integration and the development of contacts and cooperation between people, nations and organizations.
    • Activities that support economic development, entrepreneurship development.
    • Activities that support the development of local communities and local authorities.
    • Initiation of innovative solutions in learning, teaching, schooling and education.
    • Creation of the conditions for innovation and entrepreneurship in the education sector, publication of educational, cultural, social, charitable, health, environmental, occupational, and economic information.
    • Development of human resources for modern education and culture.
    • Promotion of projects equalizing educational opportunities.
    • Organisation of school and extracurricular education.
    • Activities leading to mitigation of the effects of unemployment.
    • Local development (farmers, rural residents, small towns) to adapt to the economic and social conditions of the EU.
    • Equalization of opportunities for people from the cities and rural areas, men and women, the disabled, national and social minorities, and people at risk of social exclusion.

    Activities of the Perfect Project are based on the development of competence among teachers, students, graduates, and staff of the regional and European companies and schools. The form of competence development is adjusted to the nature and needs of the recipients. In the Perfect Project, competence development is directly connected with the needs of the economy and created exclusively in collaboration with entrepreneurs. Its dissemination activities are always exclusively professional and focused on possible implementation. Core members have more than 11 years of experience each in the field of higher education, vocational trainings, formal and non-formal education. Perfect Project was created to support education especially through individually tailored trainings. It is representing a network of over 25 Vocational Schools from Podlaskie region, which consist of schools, companies, local authorities and other vocational education supporting institutions.

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