• Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego in Wysokie Mazowieckie - English

    Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego in Wysokie Mazowieckie is one of the most modern technical schools in the northern part of the country. The body governing the school is district wysokomazowiecki which provides financial resources for the functioning of the school and creates conditions for its development. The school educates its students in many interesting and perspective departments on vocational and technical level, graduates gain not only necessary theoretical knowledge but also competences necessary for developing future careers. Students are being trained in the following professions: mechatronics technician, automotive technician, refrigeration and air conditioning technician, agricultural mechanization and agrotronics technician, graphics and digital printing technician.

    Although its history is not a very long one, as it dates back to 2002, the school can already boast about a range of achievements. It actively participates in various competitions, conducts charity events, organizes assemblies. In order to fully implement all of didactic processes, the school closely cooperates with local employers.

    In 2014 the school embarked on a new journey, Leonardo Da Vinci, Power and Erasmus+ projects. Since then it has been successfully offering its students internships in countries like: Turkey, Portugal and Ireland. Training courses are also organized for teachers, who have the possibility to attend them in Ireland and Great Britain. Another challenge taken up and successfully conducted by the school authorities was Edutronix, a project designed to popularize and disseminate a branch of science, mechatronics. The results of the project were presented at several nationwide conferences.

    The school offers modern, spacious and well equipped classes and laboratories. Students enjoy working with teachers, who are constantly upgrading their skills, and the latest equipment which meets all the European standards. Apart from focusing on technical peculiarities and solutions the school stands guards to tradition and moral values. It bears the honourable name of the Polish Home Army and pays attention to preserving its history and importance.

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