• ARP - Academy of Crafts Prague

    Academy of crafts Prague is a Secondary technical School was founded in 1954 and was focus on technical fields. Currently is our Academy a modern and dynamic school, which offers a wide variety of courses in construction, engineering, electrical engineering and services. School provides education in 24 fields in various forms.

    The school is based on the requirements of the labor market; ensure sufficient preparation of our absolvent for job in the chosen field and their applicability to the labor market, not just in the Czech Republic but also in the EU. Conditions of the theoretical and practical education are still modernized from the school management and also from all school stuff. We are using new innovation and technologies. A team of qualified teaching staff, their qualifications are regularly responds to the current technological development in society. Emphasis is placed not only on theoretical knowledge, practical skills but also on future professional life. The quality of teaching is ensured participation in field excursion a professional competitions.

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